[Limited Edition] Christmas Collection 2019

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Why a book? The moment you flip open the first page, the excitements begin. From the beginning to the climax and finally the ending. it’s a magical full circle. A book is an event one can experience again and again.

When the receiver opens up the book, she will see the quote as below :

"You are beautiful from the tips of your toes to the depths of your soul"

Monae Beauty simply wants to tell all women in this world, how beautiful are women created. Each and every woman are limited edition from every single part.

At the back cover of the book there is a quote written : 

"You got the James Dean daydream look in your eyes, I have the perfect lipsticks that you like, put on one of this lipsticks and enjoy the joyful day in your life"

Monae Beauty simply wants to highlight how powerful a woman can be after putting on lipstick. How a simple lipstick as a gift can make up the mood and look of a woman.

Each and every lipstick casing are specially designed differently so consumers can customize the casing designs on their own by mix and match concepts. 


A book of surprises makes you bloom over and over again.

SANTA & his reindeer is greasing up his sleigh to deliver you the best gift this Christmas.

ANGEL is on its way to give you a pad on the back because you’ve done well and it’s time to celebrate.

May you have an abundance of JOY this Christmas

Focus on your BLESSINGS, not your misfortunes

4 classic shades for each and every one of you, they are named :

  • Santa
  • Angels
  • Joy
  • Blessings

COLOR CODE: SANTA LS01 (brownish red with yellow undertone lip color)

COLOR CODE: ANGEL LS02 (light nude pink with light purple undertone)

COLOR CODE: JOY LS03 (Matcha nude orange with brown undertone lip color)

COLOR CODE: BLESSINGS LS04 (chips more brown color with slightly red undertone lip color)

Product Description:

  • Four new lipstick shades
  • Exclusive bullet design for Christmas
  • Magnetic closure that are able to interchange between lipstick bullet to customise it your own style
  • Comes with a thank you card
  • the box is being tied up with a ribbon

Just to let you know:

  • Guarantee receive delivery before 15/12 is on 18/12
  • We provide grab delivery within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area with customer self bear delivery cost
  • Early birds shall enjoy RM10 discount 
  • Early birds order closing on 5/12/2019

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Healthy products with good service

Love the products so much because its made of healthy ingredients.

Good product with good service

Love this color so much, it bring me happiness and my girl friend like it so much <3